Electric Vehicle Servicing Portsmouth

Photo of a white electric car with a charger cable plugged in, after being serviced at Collison.

As more and more people go over to electric and hybrid vehicles, there is an increased demand for servicing, repairs, and MOTs on these types of vehicles each year.

At Collisons, we have trained technicians who are able to carry out these tasks, including high-voltage repair work when needed.

Our technicians are trained to the highest level possible with the Bosch automotive training available.


EV Servicing at Collison

We can work on all makes and models of electric and hybrid vehicles. Servicing depends on the manufacturer and the service schedule they provide, so for a quote, please give us a call, as they do vary between manufacturers.

We offer competitive pricing on all repairs and servicing and can carry out any tasks at the main dealer level.

What maintenance does an electric car need?

Electric vehicles require an inspection normally every 12 months or 10,000 miles to ensure fluid levels are okay and brakes are working as they should be.

EVs will use the drive motor generator to brake under normal conditions, helping to recharge the battery.  However, this can cause issues with the conventional brakes as they are not used as frequently and can sometimes seize.  Our attention to them should stop this happening.  Then approximately every 2 years or 20,000 miles the cabin filter will also require replacing.

Book an electric car service near me

Our EV garage is located in Cowplain, near Waterlooville, and is easily accessible from Havant and Portsmouth. It’s a prime location for convenient car servicing.

To find us, check out the pin on the map or enter Collison Motoring Services or 127-129 London Road, PO8 8XJ, into your sat nav.

Collection & Return for your Portsmouth Area Electric Car Service

We offer the collection and delivery of electric vehicles for servicing and MOTs.

We can collect it from your home address or work address for convenience. The cost for this service is £15 from the local area.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between an electric car service and petrol/diesel?

Generally, servicing on electric vehicles is not as involved as petrol/diesel vehicles as no oil replacement is needed, but it is still critical to follow the manufacturer’s service guidelines to ensure everything on your EV is safe and working as it should be. On hybrids the servicing is similar to a conventional petrol/diesel but with the add-on of the electric drive system.

What does an electric car service cost?

This does depend on the mileage, age and make of your vehicle so it’s always best to give us a call with your registration number and we can price this accordingly.

What other maintenance does an electric car need?

Apart from servicing, electric vehicles are quite low maintenance.  Of course, as with any car, please do check your coolant level and your tyre tread depths and pressures regularly.  If you’d rather, drop into us and we’ll do this for you without charge while you wait.  

What mechanics can complete an electric car service?

To service an electric vehicle Technicians need to have been trained to a specific EV level 3 qualification.  We have Technicians trained to level 4 to enable us to be able to work and diagnose issues on live high voltage systems.

What does an EV service include?

We follow the manufacturer’s service schedule which is designed to best protect your vehicle.  Of course we also completely check over the vehicle, finding and clearing or discussing any logged fault codes and checking brakes, tyres and fluid levels.  

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