ADAS Calibration Services for Waterlooville

When you’re driving a modern vehicle you may become aware of your headlight beam turning to show the road in front of you, or beeps and lights which alert you to potential issues like lane changes or a sudden need to brake or take other driver action. These Advance Driver Assistance Systems (A.D.A.S.) exist in more than half of all cars first registered in 2017, and their integration and complexity is increasing model by model.

How does ADAS work?

The information ADAS works on comes from hundreds of camera and radar sources within your vehicle. However, if the information passing to the system is incorrect or not calibrated properly then any warnings will not only be annoying but wrong. In situations where the car takes over (like some braking circumstances or parking assistance), then this can also create a potentially dangerous scenario.

When does the ADAS system need adjustment?

As ADAS is involved in so many of your vehicle’s ‘decisions’ it is very likely that repairs ranging from a windscreen replacement to a clutch change might need these systems to be reconfigured so that the vehicle can respond correctly on the road to assist
when necessary. Unfortunately, even a slight ADAS misalignment can force an error message which could prevent the affected systems from working at all. Wheel alignment or steering & suspension are the most obvious repairs that require ADAS adjustment, but it’s worth checking that your garage has all the required equipment and trained staff to complete all aspects of any task. Other things to check is whether your fuel tank needs to be full, or your boot empty, to allow the calibration to be specific to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How can Collisons help?

Fortunately, at Collison’s in Waterlooville we have invested tens of thousands of pounds to be able to complete ADAS recalibration on almost any vehicle, with our highly trained team happy to help you understand exactly what’s required, or just get on with the job for you!

Find ADAS Calibration Services near Portsmouth 

With our garage being based in Cowplain near Waterlooville, our ADAS calibration services are a stone’s throw from Havant and Portsmouth. Check out the map below for our location, and you can enter Collison Motoring Services or 127-129 London Road, PO8 8XJ into your sat nav to find our garage.

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