Tyre Replacement for Waterlooville

We cannot emphasise enough that buying good new tyres is one of the best things you can do for your vehicle, but we admit that doing so in a conventional tyre replacement garage or tyre fitters is not always good value. In fact, Collison’s have discovered that buying off the shelf can cost you twice as much as sourcing your tyres online. And let’s face it, if your tyres are illegal or losing pressure every minute then you don’t really have a choice about replacing them. Thank goodness you now have a choice about how.

Fortunately, Collisons in Waterlooville have got a solution that saves you money, and still gives you the convenience and assurance of professionals who can fit the tyres properly and quickly for you. The solution is Blackcircles.com – a convenient website for ordering tyre replacements with whom Collison are a premier partner.

If you know you need a new tyre or tyres, simply go to Blackcircles.com. Pop your registration and our postcode PO8 8XJ into the boxes and choose ‘fitted’ from the options at the end. Blackcircles.com then identifies your tyre size (although it is your responsibility to check and confirm this) and with a couple more clicks you can compare and choose from a range of tyres with the current discounts and availability clearly shown. Once you’ve selected the best tyre for you, the next screen shows us as a Premier Garage for Blackcircles.com.

We are a Blackcircles premier garage for quality Waterlooville tyre replacement

Where can you find tyre replacement services near Portsmouth?

Our tyre replacement garage is based in Cowplain near Waterlooville, within easy reach of Havant and Portsmouth. Check out the map below for our location, and you can enter Collison Motoring Services or 127-129 London Road, PO8 8XJ into your sat nav to find our garage.


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If its better to replace a part in your vehicle then we use the best parts (including Bosch) which are all of Original Equipment Specification and with full guarantees. This means that we protect your manufacturer’s warranty and will make your vehicle feel much better without the pain of main dealer prices.



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