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The Exhaust system on your vehicle is as essential to its successful operation as the engine or electrical systems. Having a good quality, well fitted exhaust allows the smooth exit of waste products which otherwise block the moving parts of the engine or create noisy, rough driving conditions.

Collison Motoring Services is able to fit the right exhaust and components for exactly your car. However, we also have all the exhaust equipment required to custom make exhaust units for your vehicle, no matter what make or model. We regularly save our customers hundreds of pounds, particularly compared to expensive dealer parts. All our parts and work is guaranteed, and because the pipes are turned to fit, the finished product is absolutely the best you can get for your vehicle.

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Using our decades of experience and the best technical training, let us coax your vehicle back to health by repairing any poorly parts. Protect the environment and your wallet.

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If its better to replace a part in your vehicle then we use the best parts (including Bosch) which are all of Original Equipment Specification and with full guarantees. This means that we protect your manufacturer’s warranty and will make your vehicle feel much better without the pain of main dealer prices.

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