What are the most common electric car servicing repairs?

We have teamed up with HEVRA who are the governing body for independent EV garage specialists. They make sure our technicians have the right qualifications, tools and equipment to service, repair and check over electric vehicles. We as a garage under HEVRA have unlimited technical support and advice even for the hardest job. As garages are under pressure to move into the electric vehicle realm, we believe it’s fundamental to be a part of a governing body who is on the customers side. We believe along with HEVRA that the right training, qualifications and knowledge is imperative for any independent garage. We strive to always move forward and grow for our customers.

Mostly at the moment, it's with charging leads as they get damaged in use. We spend time investigating a range of issues, however, it is much more common as the weather gets colder for electric cars to flag issues where there is actually nothing wrong.

Most Common Repairs

Charging Cables
Break Pads
Suspension due to the weight of the vehicles


strange noises