What is Engine Steam Cleaning?

Winter throws all sorts of weather, dirt and debris at our cars and keeping your vehicle clean and precise applies to more than just the interior and exterior of your car. Getting to work under the bonnet can unlock a number of advantages for your vehicle, but be warned, cleaning those internal components certainly isn’t a “do it yourself” job. 

Engine steam cleaning is an excellent solution that can keep the usually greasy and grimy space underneath your bonnet looking great. Better yet, it can even extend the life of your engine too! But what exactly does engine steam cleaning involve?

Here we offer an essential guide to engine steam cleaning so you know what the process entails, what benefits it can unlock for you and your vehicle, and whether it is the right next step for you in your car maintenance journey…

The engine steam cleaning process

The intricacies of your engine bay shouldn’t be underestimated, and it is important to note that engine steam cleaning should only be undertaken by a professional. Without professional help, your engine and its electronic controls can be easily damaged due to the application of high pressure and hot water. As leading providers of car maintenance, repairs and MOT testing, your car and its engine is in the best possible hands should you require an engine steam clean.

We use state-of-the-art technology to steam clean your engine to the highest standard. Using an eco-friendly procedure, your engine compartment will be completely degreased with the dirt, grease and grime carefully broken down using fine soft brushes and a sophisticated steam system. After steaming, the engine is dried thoroughly with a warm air blower before being polished, dressed and fully protected. 

The benefits of engine steam cleaning

There are many advantages that go hand-in-hand with engine steam cleaning. By getting rid of the grease, grime and dirt that covers the engine, it can be easier to diagnose issues meaning they can be rectified before problems arise. Difficult to detect oil leaks and other engine faults are just some of the issues that can be uncovered successfully during your engine steam clean. By spotting faults early, you’re minimising the risk of engine fires, which can be devastating not just to the engine but to the wider vehicle. 

Using steam is gentler and more environmentally friendly, which is a win-win for your car and the planet. Instead of using harsh chemicals (as is the practice when soda blasting or hot tank cleaning the engine), which can easily damage the wires and hoses that serve your engine, the steam gently removes dirt and grime. The lack of chemicals used during steam cleaning means no toxic vapours are released into the atmosphere, which is safer for the environment and the technician conducting the steam clean.

Making steam cleaning a part of your annual maintenance plan will keep your engine bay well-maintained, clean and free from the rust, dust and debris that can diminish the condition and the life of your engine. By getting your engine steam cleaned once or twice annually, and conducting regular oil changes, you’re doing all you can to ensure your engine lasts longer and performs better.

Due to the thorough nature of engine steam cleaning, the method is more economical than other techniques such as soda blasting and hot tanking. These alternative methods may be cheaper but they need to be completed more regularly to achieve similar results, which is costlier in the long run.

Another advantage of steam cleaning is that your engine looks great, and this won’t go unnoticed if you sell your vehicle in the future.

Book your engine steam clean today!

If you’d like to unlock the many benefits detailed above and enjoy your (expensive) engine for much longer, then our engine steam clean service is a great option for you.  As we mentioned previously, enlisting a professional to steam clean your engine is vital, so be sure to contact us to book!