When is My MOT Due?


As a car owner, you have to fulfil a number of obligations to ensure the roadworthiness of your vehicle, and the safety of you, your passengers, other road users and pedestrians. Whilst car servicing is recommended but not compulsory, your MOT is a mandatory test that has to be undertaken by law each and every year. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic and the changing rules and regulations in many areas, the information surrounding MOT testing is a little difficult to follow for most vehicle owners. Here we offer an essential guide to MOT tests post-lockdown to help you answer the all-important question of “when is my MOT due?”.

How did coronavirus lockdown affect MOT testing?

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a nationwide lockdown that saw the vast majority of us spend lots more time at home to ensure the safety of ourselves, our families and the wider community.

Whilst most garages remained open – our Waterlooville garage provided essential services to key workers to keep them on the move and help them continue the fight against Covid-19 throughout lockdown – the government introduced a six-month MOT test exemption to ensure the people who could stay at home remained at home.

As a result, vehicle owners with MOT tests due between 30th March and 31st July 2020 were automatically awarded a six-month extension. If your MOT was due on 1st June 2020 for instance, under the government guidance, it will be extended to 1stDecember 2020.

What are the new MOT rules?

As of 1st August 2020, mandatory MOT testing was reintroduced throughout England, Wales and Scotland. 

Under the latest government rules, those with an MOT test due after 1st August will have to book in by their current MOT certificate expiry date as normal. Those with MOT tests due before 1st August are still exempt and must undertake an MOT test by their extended due date. 

Those eligible for an extension but worried about the roadworthiness of their vehicle don’t have to wait until their current MOT expires to undergo a test. You can undertake an MOT test voluntarily to ensure the roadworthiness of your vehicle. 

If your vehicle fails this voluntary MOT test, you will automatically lose your exemption. This means your vehicle will need to be fixed and subsequently pass its MOT before you can drive it. This however should not deter you from undertaking a voluntary MOT test.

How can I find out when my MOT is due?

If you are unsure whether you have been automatically awarded an MOT test extension, then it’s easy to find out when your MOT test is due. Simply enter your vehicle’s details into the government’s MOT status checker to see exactly when your MOT runs out.

Be sure to check the status of your car’s MOT soon. Owners of vehicles that are found not to be roadworthy could face penalties of up to £2,000, even if they were eligible for the government’s six-month extension. 

My MOT is due, what’s next?

If your MOT is due or you’d like to book in for a voluntary MOT test, you’re in the right place. Our MOT specialists can assist with mandatory and voluntary MOT tests from our Waterlooville HQ.

Using our experience and expertise, our licensed Class 3 and Class 4 MOT testing station can assess your petrol or diesel vehicle to the highest standard. With our transparent, honest and affordable service, there’s no need for pre-tests. Any issues are fixed at the end of the MOT, and a free retest carried out.

We have numerous measures in place to make the experience of visiting our garage fully safe. We also provide a pick up and drop off service if you prefer not to come to the garage in person.

When should I book in for my MOT?

You can book your Waterlooville MOT test up to 30 days in advance or contact our team for last minute availability. With your permission, we’ll sign you up for our free MOT reminder service so you never have to miss any of your vehicle’s most important dates again!

Our Keep Fit for Cars service can also provide the lifeline you need to get back on the road safely. For just £25, your vehicle will be given the five-star treatment with basic car checks (tyres and essential fluid levels), an exterior wash and interior hoover, and fuel top up completed by our car maintenance experts. 

Book in for your MOT test or Keep Fit for Cars package today by contacting our team on 023 9225 9311 or emailing [email protected]. Alternatively, you can book your MOT test online right here.