Parts Check Guide – Which Parts of My Car Should I Regularly Check?

Looking under car bonnettConducting regular vehicle maintenance isn’t just a matter of ensuring your own safety but protecting those around you. Whilst no one should claim they are a vehicle maintenance and repair specialist without the right training and experience, we actively encourage all drivers to not leave those basic car checks to their mechanic.

Unbeknown to many, vehicle maintenance should be something that is carried out every day – or at least before every journey – not annually when it’s time for your MOT or service. Regular car checks are easier to undertake than you think, in fact, you can even say it with FLOWERS!


When it comes to filling up the fuel tank, many drivers risk being left stranded by delaying. Whilst you may think you know the ‘real’ amount of fuel left in your tank, not the figure your gauge indicates, there are many factors that influence just how efficient your journey is. Top up when you pass a gas station if you’re running low, not when your fuel light comes on, especially if you’re driving in an area you’re not familiar with.


All exterior lights must be given a check over to ensure they are in good working order. Any blown bulbs or lens cracks must be replaced or repaired to guarantee better visibility whatever the weather may throw at you. In addition to this, don’t underestimate the power of a regular wipe down, clean exterior lights on a regular basis.


Did you know the average car consumes almost one litre of oil for every 1,000 miles driven? Keep oil reserves at their recommended levels and top up regularly not just when the warning light appears on your dashboard.


Like oil, your water should be topped up on a regular basis, particularly when the weather begins to warm during the summer months. Overheating is one of the leading causes of breakdown so don’t take a chance check your coolant levels and windscreen washer fluid, and top up if you’re running low.


From a leading cause to the biggest cause of breakdown, your vehicle’s electrics need lots of care and attention, whether you use your car as an everyday runaround or on occasion. Make sure your battery is renewed regularly and check that your radiator cooling fan works as it should do to prevent an overheated engine.


Your tyres are what keeps you rooted to the road so be sure to look after them. Keep them correctly inflated and check your tread depth – the minimum legal requirement is 1.6mm.


Knowing when to seek professional help is important so don’t leave it until your next MOT test or car service, even if it is just around the corner.