How Often Should I Service My Van?

Regular servicing makes a huge difference to every vehicle. Whilst not a legal requirement, servicing helps to reduce engine wear, boosts the fuel economy of the vehicle, extends the life of the engine and other key components, ensures the safety of you and your passengers, and even highlights faults and safety issues before they become bigger, more expensive to fix problems. 

For vehicles under warranty, servicing comes highly recommended, with most Manufacturer’s warranties becoming invalid without an annual service. It’s not just your regular runaround that could benefit. Scheduling a van service unlocks many perks, checking and maintaining vital components to ensure adequate performance on the road and preserve your van’s value in the long and short term.

As specialists in VW van services, Mercedes van services and Ford van services, we deliver local van servicing with a few added extras to ensure the best possible servicing options available.

How often should I service my van?

Like car servicing, your van service should take place at least once a year to ensure your van remains in the best possible condition. Ideally, your van service should be scheduled with your vehicle’s age and mileage in mind. Vans covering larger distances generally require more frequent servicing for instance. 

Check your van’s manual for servicing schedule and oil change interval recommendations that are specific to your vehicle make and model.

How much is a van service?

The cost of a van service varies depending on the level of servicing you require for your vehicle. Our car and van services are categorised as bronze, silver, gold and platinum to ensure you book a service that best suits your needs.

Our bronze service is a great choice for low mileage vehicles, whilst our silver service is recommended every 12,000 miles or every year and provides a more comprehensive check alongside the standard oil and filter change. Our gold and platinum services are the best choices for high mileage vehicles. Required every 24,000 miles or 24 months, our gold and platinum services deliver a particularly thorough maintenance check and the replacement of engine oil, oil filter, air filter and any other items that require replacement every two years.

It is important to note that the cost of a van service does not include any remedial work that is recommended for completion due to the findings of your van service, such as repairs, replacements and/or new parts.

Why should a van service be a part of my schedule?

Whether you use your van for work or leisure, it needs the right maintenance to stay in tip top condition. Along with the servicing advantages mentioned above, a van service will help you save money in the long run. By making an annual van service apart of your schedule, you’ll get to drive a well-maintained, more efficient vehicle, saving money on fuel and repairs.

A complete service record will also help you make a valid claim if your van is still under warranty. The same record will be valued by prospective buyers when the time comes to sell your van. 

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