Car Engine Steam Cleaning – A Quick Guide

With Spring now in full swing, your thoughts may turn to spring cleaning more than just your house. Your car interior may get a regular ‘going over’ but what about under your bonnet? That’s where car engine steam cleaning comes in.

Engine steam cleans don’t always receive the best press, and as professionals we are the first to say that this vehicle maintenance option isn’t for the faint-hearted. If completed incorrectly, steam cleaning the engine bay of your vehicle can indeed do more harm than good, but if done the right way by a professional like us you can reap the rewards of a clean and pristine engine and keep what’s under your bonnet looking just as good as your car interior and exterior.

Here we reveal the benefits of an engine steam clean so you can decide whether it is a worthwhile car maintenance step for you.

Improve vehicle safety

Getting the engine bay of your vehicle steam cleaned by a professional can improve the safety of your wider car. Vehicle fires are still very common in the UK, despite improvements in vehicle safety features. There are more than 100,000 vehicle fires every year – that’s almost 300 vehicle fires every day – and whilst the majority of these incidents are the result of criminal activity, many fires are caused by poor maintenance and can be easily prevented. Engine steam cleans can help to reduce the risk of engine fire.

Extend your engine’s lifespan

The average car engine is capable of reaching hundreds of thousands of miles before its life comes to an end. While the longevity of your engine has much to do with how often your oil is changed and how ignorant you are when it comes to those flashing car warning lights, steam cleaning your engine can offer another route to an extended lifespan. Keeping your car engine well maintained, clean and free from rust, dust, grease and debris is a vital part of steam cleaning and will ensure your engine not only lasts longer but performs even better.

With the right care, a petrol engine should last more than 300,000 miles, whilst the average diesel engine lasts even longer, clocking up 500,000 miles before it bites the dust. As well as opting for a professional engine steam clean, make sure that you use synthetic oil, change the oil in your vehicle regularly and replace the air filter when required.

Identify issues before problems arise

When it comes to vehicle repair we all wish we would have listened to the warning signs before it was too late, and doing so generally means we save time and money as well as avoid the inconvenience of vehicle breakdown. An engine steam clean offers an excellent opportunity to stop issues before problems arise, and when steam cleaning your engine your chosen vehicle maintenance expert will be able to identify and repair leaks that may cause you difficulties later down the line. After your engine steam clean, you may also find it easier to detect leaks and other engine issues as your engine will be free from the dirt and grime that often hides problems from their owners.

Make your engine look pretty

Enhanced performance, better safety, extended life span and early detection of engine issues are all well and good, but your engine also has to look the part! Steam cleaning drastically improves the appearance of your engine, which is great news if you are selling your vehicle. A clean and pristine looking engine says one thing to potential buyers “this engine has been well loved and expertly maintained”, a great selling point if you are looking to upgrade your wheels.

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