Vehicle Leasing from Collison Motoring Services

When it’s time to consider a new car or van, imagine the luxury of being able to take your time and look at your leisure, finally choosing the ideal vehicle on the basis of full and relevant information.

Collison’s offer a complete portfolio of vehicle makes and models, and you can spend your time finding the right arrangement of vehicle for your money. Leasing a vehicle can free you from the burden of having to cover its complete cost up front, allowing you to drive your ideal car or van much more affordably. For even further convenience, leasing a vehicle with Collison also provides the option to build maintenance costs, such as servicing, into the monthly price of the lease. This way, you have peace of mind that all your routine costs are covered too.

Take a look at our current model availability to find your ideal vehicle at the ideal price, and within a few weeks, you could be driving your new car or van away from Collison’s. If your need is more pressing, we can speed up the process to the point where customers have been able to drive away in their ideal lease vehicle within a few days. Let us know your urgency, and we’ll take away all the pressure and supply the car or van you need.

To find out more about the vehicle leasing services at Collison Motoring Services, please contact us today, and let us help you to find the perfect car or van, in the ideal lease package for you.