Collison’s are great at supplying and fitting those car parts which only take a little time to fit, and yet make a big difference to your car or van. Having working lights is not only a legal requirement, but from a safety point of view, visibility (both of your vehicle, and from your driving seat to the outside) is essential.

At Collison’s we stock everything from courtesy lights to ‘dazzling’ Xenon headlights, and as our bulbs are Bosch they truly light your way. Like all our fast-fit items, our light bulbs are competitively priced and fitted free of charge so there’s no need to struggle fitting your hand into the awkward spaces behind the lights in your vehicle. Let us supply and fit your new bulb for less money and with far less hassle than you could do yourself while you take a coffee and catch up on the news in our reception area. Stunning.