Clutch Replacement

Although it may not say ‘clutch’ in our company name, it might as well! We have a constant stream of clutch and gearbox work coming to us at Collison’s and technicians trained and experienced in all makes and models.

By working at the forefront of vehicle technology we are also able to carry out repairs and replacements on Direct Shift Gearboxes (dual clutch, DSG). Only IMI qualified technicians are able to work on LUK systems (which are standard fitment in most manufacturer’s automatic gearboxes). Collison’s have just such a team and so not only can they do the work to the highest industry standard, but we can also offer guarantees and efficiency in our time spent on your vehicle.

Gearboxes require absolute precision in stripping and rebuilding, using components which have minimal tolerances. Fortunately our technical team here have minimal tolerances too, so nothing less than perfect transmission will do for us either. Book your car or van in at our garage in Waterlooville and receive the same great service that keeps our customers coming back.


See why your clutch wears down