Car Battery Replacement

Batteries are the difference between a vehicle that starts and a vehicle that won’t. By turning off any electrical items like lights, the radio or heated seats before you turn off your engine, you reduce the drain to your battery, and starting your engine without them on gives it a helping hand too. Imagining trying to push a load of bricks uphill the moment you wake in the morning, compared to taking an empty cart and adding the bricks one at a time as you munch an energy bar!

However, all batteries gradually lose their charge, and this will result in more sluggish starts and eventually a car or van which won’t start the engine, let alone power any auxiliary items.

Free battery check and report

At Collison’s we check your battery and print you the report of its charging rate without any fee or appointment. If your existing battery is then found to be struggling we can supply and fit a replacement for less money that high-street retailers and with a minimum of a 2 year guarantee. Regardless you drive away knowing that your car battery has the power to start on the button, time and again. Is the following link worth putting into a post-it note type side image for the techies to get into? For more details directly from Bosch about the technology they put into their superb batteries take a look at their website. Book your car or van in for a battery check online or drop into the Collison garage in Cowplain, Waterlooville.

Bosch batteries

See what happens when your battery is worn down