Tracking Adjustment

On today’s roads, and with so much pressure on parking and manoeuvring, it is almost inevitable that your car’s tracking will require adjustment from time to time.  Also known as wheel alignment, the tracking of your vehicle’s tyres can be changed by impact from kerbs, potholes and speed bumps, as well as worn parts in the suspension and the steering of your car or van.

You can often tell if your vehicle needs wheel alignment alterations as the tilt can pull you more strongly in one direction, sometimes with juddering, and over time your tyres will start to wear unevenly.  However, it’s definitely a job to be done as soon as you are aware that there is a problem, as misalignment stops the car from being so stable, (which is particularly noticeable when you need it most) and the unevenly worn tyres will also contribute to the reduction in braking, handling and acceleration whilst costing you more in fuel.

As all wheel balancing should now be done with intricate digital measurements and adjustments, and on newer vehicles needs ADAS calibration, pop in to see us at Collison’s.  Using the latest equipment, we’ll ensure that you’re speedily and safely put back on the road, without a bias to one side!

Wheel Tracking

See how misaligned tracking can affect your car