Mechanical Repairs & Servicing

Cars and vans rely increasingly on electronics and telematics, but the basic physical structure of your vehicle will always need to be understood, checked and maintained. After all, it’s this mechanical element which allows the electronic stuff to have a functioning working body to operate to its best.

At Collison’s we understand your vehicle from the inside out, and are trained and equipped to carry out any mechanical repair your car or van needs. Whether your suspension is suspect, your steering squeaky or your head gasket causing you a headache, we’ll enjoy locating the problem and making it disappear.

We use only the best, guaranteed parts (OE specification so there’s no issue with quality or warranty) and quote based on the published industry labour time, which we can often beat to charge you less.

Whether you have a good idea of what’s required, or would rather just trust us to work it out, we’ll work from your list of symptoms and (with your permission) apply whatever therapy your poorly vehicle most needs to get back to its generally fine form. Call us to discuss what your car or van is doing and we’ll send it out so much chirpier than it came in (in a non-squeaky sense)!

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