Air Conditioning Repair & Servicing

Air conditioning and climate control are now standard features in many cars and vans, and with a bit of awareness can be useful for both hot and cold weather. Sometimes drivers try to cut costs by not running it, or turn off their air conditioning completely over the winter months because it is “unnecessary”. Using your cars air conditioning is actually the quickest way to clear frosted windows; just direct the dehumidified air which the system sends out onto the screens. Using the recirculation feature is even better as this saves heating fresh air from outside, instead using the already warmed air in the car.

Unfortunately, if you do tend to turn the air conditioning off, the condensation which gathers in the system can quickly produce bacteria and fungi. Leaving the air conditioning on constantly allows the flow of gases to prevent the settlement of moisture or the entrance of bacterial spores into the air flow within the car, and prolongs the life of the system. Run the system on its coldest setting for ten minutes each week to allow the circulation of refrigerant to lubricate the whole system (including the seals), and prevent unnecessary or premature loss of the gases.

Even in well used systems 15% of coolant is lost each year, so most manufacturers recommend having the system serviced every 24 months, or sooner if you notice a smell or drop in performance. With our own dedicated air conditioning bay and the latest technology for test, repair and refill, Collison’s meet the highest European grade. More than just wanting the best for the environment, we also want the best for you and your car or van. So to stay warm in winter or fresh all year round, please get in touch with Collison’s.

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