Terraclean Engine Decarbonisation

Since beginning to use the Terraclean process in our workshop, every one of us here at Collison’s has been amazed by the difference that this gentle chemical rinse through has on each car or van which has had it. Vehicles which have euphemistically ‘seen better days’ pass their emissions test and drive away internally clean for the first time in many a year.

Dirty diesels and proper working vehicles leave us breathing naturally whilst they purr up the road. Without being delicate, Terraclean is the equivalent of colonic irrigation for your vehicle, purging every pipe and part it touches and carrying out the carbon deposits, grease and grime which accumulate through every day use. It is a process which jiggles the mild cleanser through from the fuel inlet to the exhaust, even refreshing your EGR and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), but which usually takes less than 90 minutes. Sit and wait with the papers, internet and a cup of tea, whilst our clever technicians ease all the grubbiness out of your vehicle. It’s a shame we can’t show the internal difference that Terraclean makes, as you won’t believe it without experiencing the effect on your car. To prolong the life of integral (expensive) components of your vehicle, improve efficiency and clean up your emissions you need to give Terraclean a try. Watch the video of Ed China’s experience of Terraclean, read the reviews online or call to speak to us about the process, but don’t miss out on giving your vehicle a new lease of life.