Quantum Tuning

Quantum Tuning and Engine Re-mapping

Tuning your vehicle is like genetic engineering for your car or van. Quantum tuning is the equivalent of taking the DNA of your vehicle and reforming it so that essential elements like power, performance and fuel economy can be maximised or minimised to suit your requirements.

The problem with most vehicles is that they are designed to fit ‘every-man’, driving in conditions which are assumed to neither vary nor be overly extreme. The reality is that your vehicle is going to need to perform very differently for you to be happy compared to someone doing many more or less miles, on different road types, in different climates and with different periods of driving (stop – start or miles without a break). Quantum allows Collison’s to rewrite the essence of your vehicle’s reactions through the ECU (Engine Control Unit), creating a bespoke vehicle response no matter what your driving habits are.

Please look up your own vehicle statistics here to see the difference a remap could make to your car, van, or motorhome.

Make your vehicle your truly designer baby and enjoy the road again. Call, email or visit Collison’s garage in Waterlooville and let us revive the pleasure you have in your vehicle.


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