Engine Decontamination Treatment

EDT, a specialist Engine Decontamination Treatment, is a fantastic addition to the range of procedures that we offer to completely revolutionise the way your vehicle drives.


GAA Winner 2015

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You may have noticed that even new oil in your car or van rapidly ages, darkening quickly as it carries impurities through the engine system.  Oil is essential to keeping all the moving parts within your engine smoothly working, but it’s not a cleaner, and we make its job harder by expecting it to carry or get around the day to day debris within our engine.  By running a soya based (indeed, food grade!) cleanser inside the route that the oil takes through your engine, the build up of grease, varnish and general debris is dislodged and filtered out.


So, what difference does it this internal, deep-clean make?
The answer everyone gives is “loads”!

  1. Emissions reduce because what comes through after an EDT is as clean as from a new vehicle. Less smell, less smoke and better chance of getting through your MOT!
  2. The driving experience is restored, as there’s no resistance to the passage of oil. This means you will notice the original power, smoothness and reduced noise.
  3. Better fuel consumption, as the engine doesn’t need to work so hard, and the oil is doing only what it’s designed to. This means that the engine is likely to last longer and will certainly run more healthily.

This award-winning treatment has fans all over the world, and never fails to impress, so book your car in for a thorough detox, and see how much its ‘spa-hour’ improves your driving experience for months to come.

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