Duxback Windscreen Treatment


Dust, dirt, ice and rain are bad news for our vehicles, but they still find their way there. The good news is that there’s now no need to struggle to get rid of them. Ask Collison’s to apply a Duxback windscreen treatment to your windscreen and all these nasties will just wipe away, making your screen as transparent as it was designed to be.

35% more visibility in pouring rain! Less dirt, less ice, less snow!

Duxback windscreen treatment is a revolutionary product which fills the minute pores which exist in even the apparently smooth veneer of your windscreen. This bond gives particles of ice or dirt nothing to fit into or grip onto, making them simple to just move away with your wipers. Even better, rain simply slides off, making a stormy journey much less of a headache. Officially visibility is improved by 35% in pouring rain, but unscientifically the effect seems even more.

Re-apply Duxback to your car – while you wait

So effective is the Duxback treatment that many manufacturers now use it on new vehicles. If you’ve bought a new car off which the rain once glided, and it no longer does, come over to Collison’s for a new application of Duxback while you wait.

Even better, make your older vehicle feel younger with a clear screen in even the worst conditions. Call or book your appointment on line here, and have a coffee whilst your car, van or motorhome has its visibility improved. We love Duxback windscreen treatment as you literally ‘see’ the difference.