Improve your car with Collison Motoring Services

So, you’ve got a vehicle but it’s not exactly what you dreamt of as a school child, or it is, but it’s not performing or looking at its best. Like most of us, your car, van, motorhome or truck could probably do with a bit of TLC, and where better to enjoy it than at Collison’s.

Take the following general fitness test for your vehicle and then follow the links to the appropriate treatment (for the purposes of diagnosis your car or van will be referred to as Frank):


Consult our pages on exhausts, Terraclean and Quantum Tuning

Great! Next Question

Consult our pages on Vortex , Terraclean, Quantum Tuning, or speak to us about fuel treatments.

Fantastic, no need to worry there then.

Don’t worry, this is quite natural with age, and can be reversed. See our advice on Quantum Tuning, Vortex Exhausts and Terraclean treatments, to have poor Frank taking in less and giving out more.

Lucky Frank. Enjoy cheaper motoring while it lasts, but come back if the situation changes with age.

Really?!! I need to come to you for advice.

Who does?! However, with comprehensive valeting options and alloy wheel refurbishment, Collison’s can help even your first glance of Frank each day be a thing of joy.

Most of these issues are not classed as emergencies, but if you should be worried out of normal opening hours, please send us an email and we will of course attend to your concerns as soon as we can.