Winter Checks

In winter more than any time, your vehicle needs to be reliable, and yet in winter it faces the biggest challenges of the year. Cold, grit, mud, rain, ice or snow and darker/shorter days all add to the difficulties in starting up and driving for you and your car.

However, to brighten these experiences you can carry out some fairly basic checks to make sure your car or van is ready for the worst winter can throw at it. Look at our FLOWERS guide to see what you can do, and what counts to keep to you safe on the road. Alternatively, come into Collison’s for a thorough winter check and let us reassure you that your vehicle is already ready, or prepare it for you. In less than an hour we can check and advise you on all the fundamentals which are pivotal for safe winter motoring, and then can replace anything which requires it with parts which we have ready for your vehicle. There’s then no extra hassle or effort for you, and entire peace of mind for the winter season, no matter what the weather throws at us.