Performance means something slightly different to each of us, but at Collison’s it means getting the most from your car or van to ensure you enjoy the best possible driving experience.  We are equipped to restore or improve the performance of your car, whether it was designed for the racing circuit or not.

With a vast range of experience on all makes and models, and with tyre, exhaust and brake options to really excite your car’s inner F1 imagination, the benefit of our efforts can result in better torque, power, gearing and top speeds.

A prime resource in our vehicle perfecting armoury is remapping using the technology of Quantum Tuning. As a manufacturer develops a new car they must take into consideration multiple factors including fuel quality, market demands, heat and humidity.  The characteristic map for the car is therefore only ever a ‘one size fits all’ compromise, and definitely not designed to best suit the individual.  Quantum redresses this by re-mapping the characteristics of your vehicle, optimising the tuning based on your own driving circumstances to give you the very best from your vehicle based on the way you drive.

But if you remember fondly how well your vehicle drove away from the forecourt without a mile on the clock, a Terraclean treatment will return your pride and joy’s performance to near its original condition.  This gentle and yet effective process takes the carbon, grease and any lacquers out of your entire fuel system (including the catalytic converter and oxygen sensors), allowing your car to communicate its requirements clearly at each stage of its operation.  With today’s higher compression, multi-valve direct injection engines, this advanced solution will restore MPG, reduce emissions and regain vehicle performance.  Watch this video of Ed China testing out the Terraclean process to learn more about how and why we’re so confident in the effect of Terraclean, and then call to prove it for yourself.

As, for most of us, our vehicles are limited by our usage opportunities (i.e. not heading out for the milk via Le Mans), boosts to performance here at Collison’s also concentrate on smoothness, ease (as much as speed) of transition through the gears, and the pleasure of the drive.  Who cares about perfecting power to weight ratios if your fully  loaded car or van can move seamlessly from standing to motorway speeds and get you smiling as you accelerate?!  We want all drivers to feel like they have the best car in the world, and we have the range of options to help you achieve that.  Talk to our specialists today about helping your car perform to its maximum.

View this video of Ed China explaining how Terraclean works