Nothing beats a holiday, whether it’s in your own motorhome, or driving to a cottage in a remote part of Europe. Wherever you are spending your leisure time, if it involves relying on a vehicle there are a few things you need to check before you travel.

Look at the handy FLOWERS checklist for the basics to have sorted before you leave, or better still arrange for a vehicle health check or service at Collison’s before you leave. Not only do we ensure that your car, van or motorhome is fit and well, we advise you what might need to be done later on so that you know what type of holiday you can afford for the following year too!

If you’re travelling to the continent, don’t forget the kit you need to have in the vehicle with you. Whilst only France currently requires a breathalyzer (and always carry two as otherwise you’re breaking the law when you use one and don’t then have one in the car), most European countries need you to carry or be using the following items:

    • Headlamp beam converters: to redirect the beam from your headlights into the road and away from oncoming traffic when driving on the opposite side.
    • GB sticker: to identify the country of registration. Many number plates now include the GB sign in which case you don’t need to buy or use a s ticker.
    • Warning Triangle
    • High Visibility Jackets: carry one for each person travelling in the vehicle
    • First Aid Kit

It’s worth remembering that in France in particular, if you break down on a motorway you will be required to use the government appointed recovery agency to get you back to a main road at whatever cost they determine. Only then can your own breakdown assisting agency be called to take over. Minimise the risk by ensuring your mode of transport is as up-together and reliable as possible before you leave Hampshire’s roads, and en joy your break to the full with confidence.