Whilst almost any repair or improvement we can do will assist with your vehicle efficiency, there are some which every self-respecting saver ought to know of, some of which we can achieve without any technical knowledge:

  • Carry only what you need. Any excess weight in your car will increase your fuel consumption (50kg means an extra 2% fuel usage). Remember roof racks and cycle racks add to the weight and drag too.
  • Driving with your windows open also add to the drag from your vehicle so close them whenever you’re driving and don’t absolutely need them open.
  • Correct your tyre pressures before you drive. If either your tyre pressures or the alignment of your wheels are out, then your vehicle will have increased drag resulting in increased effort and therefore fuel consumption.
  • Minimise your idling.
  • Make sure that you use the correct oil to minimise the friction in the engine.
  • Apparently even parking in the shade can reduce vapour loss and distortion of properties of the fluids in your car.
  • Refuel smartly. Stop to fill more frequently, and unless you need to, don’t fill your car completely to reduce more unnecessary weight.
  • Drive wise. Plan effectively to minimise harsh acceleration and braking.

Of course, some of these things we can do for you (we’ll adjust your tyre pressures without any charge or appointment), and some of the things we can do, you definitely can’t. Treatments like the remarkable Terraclean clear all the debris from your vehicle’s system to allow the free flow of fuel and exhaust products without the obstruction of carbon build-up. This treatment really does make your vehicle as responsive and economical as when it was first produced and takes little over an hour, so you can drive away with a dramatically improved car or van in no time at all. Quantum tuning your vehicle is the other major improvement to your car’s efficiency which we can do at Collison’s while you wait. This completely bespoke ECU (Engine control unit) remapping, literally is done by the creation of a file to match your vehicle and driving conditions alone. No more driving something better suited to a race track when you are normally stuck in traffic downtown. Tell us the effect you want such as increased performance or improved fuel consumption and then Quantum write to match your car to your needs. Efficiency counts for the world and your wallet. Do what you can and let us do the rest.