Why Bosch?

Many people associate Bosch with power tools, gardening equipment and white goods, but Bosch are also the largest independent manufacturer of automotive equipment in the world and have been at the forefront of engine development for over 100 years. Bosch invented the spark plug and the ABS braking system, and still constantly invest in research and development for all vehicle systems.

Such is the quality of Bosch products, that more than 90% of vehicles world-wide are fitted with Bosch parts and systems from new. But more than that, Bosch Car Service centres are the very best of independently-owned garages, with more than 15,000 members in the world wide network.

To qualify for membership, each service centre must pass a rigorous certification process, based on technical skill, equipment and customer service. In 2013 the Trading Standards Institute approved the Bosch Car Service code of practice, allowing Bosch to demonstrate that garages such as Collison Motoring Services operate at the very top level of customer provision, technically, ethically and considerately. Bosch are also at the technical forefront of advances in your car’s systems, so that as telematics and advanced electronics become increasingly mainstream, Collison’s are able to do as much as (or at times more than) the local main dealer. Work we do often saves our customers hundreds of pounds and significant time waiting for the manufacturer to investigate a problem. Furthermore, a manufacturer’s service at Collison’s will not invalidate your warranty, so you can pay less for your routine maintenance without fear of it costing you further down the line.  Bosch Automotive contributes, knows and understands what makes your car tick, so Collison’s is the obvious choice to conscientiously and affordably, keep your car ticking over.