What is Remapping a Car?

Making your driving experience a personalised one is easier than ever these days. The latest technology and software allows specialists like us to fine tune exactly how your vehicle operates so you can achieve just that. 

Car driving shouldn’t after all be one-size-fits-all. Thanks to the wonders of car remapping, we can overwrite the standard manufacturer’s settings of your car and transform it into a vehicle that performs to its full potential and with your driving needs in mind. 

Here we take a closer look at the remapping process to reveal how it works, why it’s beneficial and how it could transform the way you drive for the better.

What does remapping involve?

Car engine remapping – or ‘chipping’ – is a relatively straightforward process that allows you to maximise your in-car experience. Remapping targets your vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU), which is uploaded to our system before being overwritten with your specific requirements in mind.

It’s a particularly cost-efficient way to unlock several benefits for your car, and you’ll feel its positive effects as soon as you get behind the wheel after remapping. 

Here at Collison Motoring, we use quantum tuning to remap your car engine. This method gets to the very heart of how your vehicle operates to guarantee a complete overhaul of the ECU. 

Why is remapping necessary?

Remapping helps owners of various makes and models to harness a number of advantages, benefits which we will explore later in this blog post. 

Unbeknown to most, car manufacturers specifically program their vehicles to underperform. By limiting a vehicle’s capabilities, manufacturers can boast a plethora of claims, including an extended lifespan. Another reason why manufacturers purposely limit the power of the engine is to comply easily with the latest regulations.

Manufacturers also limit the ECUs of one model to successfully promote another. By limiting the abilities of a ‘lesser’ model, they get to manufacture and sell a faster, more powerful vehicle that surprisingly has the same engine but more extensive ECU capabilities.

How could remapping be beneficial to you?

Unlocking the capabilities of your car’s ECU and breaking out of the manufacturer’s restrictive factory settings can help you reap a variety of rewards.

The first and most noticeable is increased speed and power. Remapping can in fact boost your vehicle’s power, torque and overall performance by up to 35%! Our remapping specialists can also help you harness enhanced control by upping your throttle and engine response. As a result, your car will be easier and more enjoyable to drive, and the ride will be much smoother. 

All these power and control plus-points will make towing easier, which is perfect if you plan to head off for a staycation in your caravan during the year ahead, or regularly tow trailers.

Car engine remapping could even save you money too! In addition to being a cost-effective way of increasing your vehicle’s performance, you’ll discover improved fuel economy after remapping, particularly during those everyday trips in and around the town. By increasing your miles per gallon (mpg), you’ll also lower your vehicle’s carbon footprint, meaning it’s a win-win for the planet also.

Should I get my car remapped?

There are so many plus-points that go hand-in-hand with car remapping, so the question is – why wouldn’t you get your vehicle remapped!

Always choose a specialist, like us, to remap your vehicle, and be sure to update your car insurance provider as engine remapping is considered a modification.

For further information on the remapping process or to book in for your car remap, please contact us today. We also offer maintenance and repair services for remapped vehicles.