What Is Quantum Tuning?

Curious about what quantum tuning is, and if it can benefit your vehicle? Find out all you need to know about quantum tuning in our latest motoring guide.

When it comes to our vehicles, it’s safe to say that one size certainly doesn’t fit all, and why should it! In everyday life, we’re so used to personalised experiences, and in your car it should be no different.

Yet the vast majority of vehicles – from beloved, reliable family cars to the fast and furious supercars that are far from regular runarounds – are manufactured with every person in mind. 

Quantum tuning ensures the personalised driving experience everyone deserves, but how does it work? And what rewards can really be reaped by having your vehicle quantum tuned? In this blog post, we answer these all-important questions…

What exactly is quantum tuning?

Quantum tuning goes far beyond altering what’s under the bonnet of your car. It focuses on the engineering of your vehicle, and uses the latest and greatest software to overhaul and reform the inner workings of your car.

Often referred to as ‘remapping’ or ‘chipping’, quantum tuning alters the vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) to unlock some pretty nifty benefits, especially when increasing the performance and economy of your car.

How does quantum tuning work?

The ‘map’ of your vehicle is usually situated in the ECU, which in most makes and models is located within close proximity of the driver’s seat. During quantum tuning, our professionals will take a copy of the code within your vehicle’s ECU. This is then uploaded into our system before being rewritten with your specific driving requirements in mind.

With quantum tuning, your vehicle can be modified to perform differently, and in line with your particular needs and driving style. Before we begin the quantum tuning process, we’ll discuss these requirements with you, finding out more about how many miles you travel, what different road types you drive on, what climates your vehicle is exposed to, and your specific driving style, i.e. whether you drive stop-start or travel miles without taking a break.

All this information is used to modify your vehicle map so we can shape the very essence of how your vehicle performs and reacts.

Which vehicles can benefit from quantum tuning?

Every vehicle can benefit from quantum tuning, particularly newer models that offer more flexibility in their on-board diagnostics. 

The quantum tuning process can differ depending on your vehicle make and model. A newer model for instance may need its ECU removed to adjust its original calibration. 

Vehicles fitted with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems – one of the many vehicle emission controls used in modern day cars – will find quantum tuning particularly beneficial. Systems of this nature can be quite problematic. Many vehicles with EGR systems become easily clogged with carbon, which directly impacts the driving experience. EGR systems are well-known for their poor performance and abundance of error codes as a result.

Using quantum tuning, EGR system issues can be improved simply and this will have a positive effect on the efficiency and performance of the engine.

What are the advantages of quantum tuning?

Whatever the make or model of your vehicle, or the system serving it, quantum tuning can unlock several advantages. 

Quantum tuning can be used to increase the brake horsepower (bhp) and torque of your vehicle. This ensures the power output and combustion needed to guarantee improved performance and a more satisfying driving experience.

Quantum tuning also has the power to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy, which will work wonders for your finances especially in light of soaring fuel prices. By customising your vehicle’s ECU map, your car can become better suited to your driving style and mileage.


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