Why Should You Service Your Car Regularly?

Regular Car ServiceWhether you’re considering a full or interim car service, each service type unlocks a variety of advantages for the average vehicle owner. The car service is unique to your vehicle make and model, and whilst not compulsory, covers checks and adjustments to a long list of components that aren’t even glanced at as part of your annual MOT test. To ensure your vehicle remains not only roadworthy and safe but in tip top condition, we recommend that you get it serviced every year. Here’s why:

Car servicing saves lives

The safety of you and your passengers is of course of the utmost importance. As a driver you want to rest assured that your vehicle gets you and those travelling with you from A to B in the safest way possible. Regular servicing gives you ultimate peace of mind that your vehicle is in the best condition.

Servicing doesn’t just check a long list of vehicle components, it analyses defects caused by wear and tear, deterioration that is often a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for most drivers. With servicing, potential safety issues can be remedied before they become issues.

Car servicing saves you money

As a driver you’re faced with a number of expenses, so why would you want to add another cost to this long list? Despite being an added cost, servicing can save you much more money in the long and short term. Servicing ensures issues can be identified early, meaning you can save thousands on repair and replacement costs.

The checks and adjustments completed as part of vehicle servicing may not seem like much but they could prevent bigger, more expensive to rectify problems. The topping up of engine oil that’s standard as part of every car service for example works to lubricate and protect moving parts deep inside your engine. Without the right level of engine oil, your engine could seize up and stop working. We’d rather have the cost of regular servicing than the cost of a new engine any day!

In addition to saving money on vehicle repair, regular servicing guarantees better fuel efficiency. The price of fuel isn’t getting any cheaper. You can counter rising fuel costs with the oil changes and vehicle tune-ups that come as standard with servicing.

Car servicing helps your vehicle last longer

With the right care and attention, your vehicle can go the distance. Regular servicing has been proven to increase the lifespan of a vehicle, looking after all the small and large components that keep it working as it should do.

Looking to cash in on your vehicle at a later date? Servicing helps in this area too. The second hand car buying market is extremely competitive. If your car has a full, or even part, service history however, your vehicle will be more attractive to potential buyers and may even help you achieve a higher selling price.

Car servicing is good for the planet!

Servicing isn’t just great for you and your purse strings, it’s also beneficial for the environment. MOT tests focus on preventing excessive exhaust emissions but services go one step further. All vehicle services provide an engine oil top-up and air filter change, which means your vehicle can not only run more smoothly but prevent the release of harmful substances.

Regular servicing really does make a difference. Annual servicing is recommended for all vehicles, however your car’s mileage and age will also influence your service schedule. To find out more about how we can help you with vehicle servicing, please contact us today. You can also book your service online.