What’s so significant about Vehicle Servicing?

Collison Vehicle ServicingCars and vans definitely run at their best when they’re brand new, without the wear and tear and gunk build up which naturally occurs over time and mileage.  As with anything with moving parts, keeping your vehicle serviced helps to minimise the effects of age and use, and can often prevent costly breakdowns.  Scheduling annual ‘service’ days means you are much less likely to have to take unscheduled ‘breakdown/repair’ days with the expense and hassle these cause, and even adds value to your vehicle when you come to sell.

How often should you service your vehicle?

Your car service manual will tell you how often the manufacturer recommends you service your vehicle based on time or its mileage (whichever fits first).  Also cars and vans increasingly show service lights when their internal computers sense it’s time for a refresh, and even count you down in miles.  Whilst it’s essential to keep within the recommendations whilst your vehicle is under warranty, it’s also advisable in your vehicle’s later life.  Sometimes there is an option on service intervals depending on the type of driving you do, but if you want a conversation about what’s right for your particular make and model of car or van, any good garage will tell you the service schedule that the manufacturer intended.

Alternatively, when your vehicle is clear of its warranty restrictions, you might find that a more straightforward service schedule fits you and your car better.  Bosch offers a comprehensive service choice ranging from a basic oil and filter change to a full Gold Service with 55 checks and the replacement of all the serviceable parts most manufacturers expect to be addressed each 24 months.  Again, a good garage will advise you if you’re not too sure what would be best.

A garage can only put out a service reminder light if they have carried out the service, and have the correct tool to do it.  Check this before you book your service, as paying a lot of money for maintenance which you cannot prove, is false economy.  It’s also very annoying to be constantly nagged by your car with service lights and beeps when you’ve already had the work done!

How does a service help?

The other very significant advantage of regular servicing, is that it helps spot potential issues before they trigger other problems and become more costly or even dangerous.  How many of us truly check our car oil and coolant levels each week as we’re advised to?!  Some of us wouldn’t even be confident that our tyre pressures are right, let alone tread depths.  Any reputable garage will be able to provide you with a full breakdown of the condition of your vehicle when they’ve done a service, and this routine glimpse into the hidden features of your car or van gives you information and choices about what will need to be done in the future and when.

A car service should not be a burden

No one wants to spend money on the routine items in life, and having your vehicle off the road is a pain.  Vehicle servicing, like many of our human health checks, can seem like an inconvenience or a waste of time.  Instead, take advantage of the experience:  book it at your leisure for a day that suits you, use the garage collection & delivery service, or request a courtesy car and at least you stay in control of your vehicle and its health and reliability.  Your car will run better, and closer to the way the manufacturer intended.  You save money on running costs, repair bills and get to choose (and minimise) your down-time.  Servicing matters to your vehicle, and if your vehicle matters to you then regular services help and protect you both.