What Makes a Good Car Engine Cleaning Service?

engine-cleaning-at-collisonCleaning your vehicle’s engine is definitely one thing that should be left to the professionals as, no matter how many YouTube videos you watch, the same benefits just wouldn’t be realised without help from an expert. With several engine cleaning specialists all claiming to be the best in the business however, we wanted to take a closer look at what really makes a good car engine cleaning service so you can find the right service centre for you and your vehicle.

Why should I get an engine cleaning service?

Even though a car engine clean, known widely as an engine flush, isn’t mentioned in the same breath as an oil change or other essential car maintenance, it is just as important. A clean engine can unlock a number of benefits for the vehicle and its driver, and overall a clean engine will keep your entire vehicle running smoothly.

Carbon and other lacquers have a tendency to build up in the engine, and without their removal, your vehicle will become particularly inefficient. With a car engine cleaning service or engine flush you can restore efficiency, improve MPG and reduce harmful emissions. Car engine cleaning has also been proven to prolong the life of the engine and various other components, a prospect that will dramatically reduce the spiralling costs of vehicle ownership.

Engines that have a build-up of oil, grease and dirt tend to trap more heat than ones that have been given a flush treatment leaving them susceptible to overheating or a hotter-than-usual operating temperature. An engine clean will also help to keep any new oil placed in your vehicle clean for longer, increasing the time between changes.

How do I choose a car engine cleaning professional?

As well as experience and expertise with the car engine cleaning service process, your chosen professional must have access to the latest technology, to harness all the benefits of a regularly cleaned engine. Here at Collison Motoring Services, we use the TerraClean treatment to deliver an efficient and effective engine cleaning service, and as a result we form part of the brand’s nationwide network of approved mobile operators and service centres.

The TerraClean system not only works to leave your engine clean, pristine and carbon and grease free, the treatment works to create the same result throughout your entire fuel system to boost performance as a whole.

How does the TerraClean system work?

Using the latest decarbonisation technology, the TerraClean treatment works to achieve a more superior end result than other engine cleaning systems and can be used on almost all vehicles including petrol and diesel cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, agricultural vehicles and even motorboats and plant machinery. Hybrid vehicles and those using Stop/Start technology to reduce fuel consumption automatically can also be serviced by our TerraClean system, a good thing as they are particularly prone to the build-up of carbon deposits.

TerraClean uses unique equipment to replace your vehicle’s fuel supply with a highly refined, non-harmful substance. This substance works throughout your fuel system to reduce the build-up of carbon and other lacquers providing an unbeatable finish in comparison to other professional engine flushes and pour-in cleaners. Unlike other cleaners, TerraClean uses patented technology to deliver a cleansing effect throughout both the combustion process and the post combustion also, while additional TerraClean equipment can be used to clean the EGR and Diesel Particulate filters for an even more thorough finish.

When and where to get your engine cleaning service

For optimum results, we recommend that vehicles are TerraCleaned at least every 15,000 miles, however this does vary depending on vehicle use. For further information regarding our car engine cleaning facilities please contact our Waterlooville team today on 023 9255 9311.