I Need a New Car Exhaust, What are the Options?

Collison exhaust wear and tearLike many systems within your vehicle, the exhaust system plays an instrumental role. In fact your vehicle will be unable to function correctly without utilising an exhaust and associated components that are right for your specific car. As a leader in car and van exhaust replacement, we receive countless queries about our exhaust options and the effect they’ll have on the wider vehicle following installation, so we thought we’d use this entry to provide the ultimate guide to the exhaust system and reveal the best replacement for successful operation and a smooth, efficient driving experience.

Why is a correctly functioning exhaust system important?

The exhaust is integral to the successful operation of many components within the car, for example, the engine and electrical system are both reliant on a good quality and well-fitted exhaust. The exhaust is essentially a network of pipes and boxes which are designed to move emissions and other waste products away from the front of the vehicle. This process ensures that engine noise is kept to a minimum and the wider vehicle can maintain optimum fuel efficiency.

Maintaining a healthy exhaust system is vital, and a faulty one can lead to harmful and less harmful gases, such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapour, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and nitrogen monoxide, being released into the environment.

Does my exhaust need replacing?

There are many tell-tale signs that may indicate that your exhaust needs replacing, many of which will only become apparent once your vehicle is in operation. Roaring, rattling or hissing noises can often be the start of problems with your exhaust system, whilst blue or white emissions could indicate further faults. Monitoring the visual appearance of your exhaust is also important, and rust, corrosion and cracks on the pipe should be resolved as quickly as possible.

Which exhaust option is the best?

Here at Collison Motoring Services in Waterlooville, we deliver a number of exhaust options for car and van owners looking for a replacement. As well as stocking a standard range of high quality exhausts, our custom fitted Vortex exhausts provide a first class experience for individuals with specific requirements.

The Vortex system differs from traditional exhaust systems to unlock a wide range of benefits for owners, including optimised performance and reduced emissions. Available in Ecoflo or Raceflo, the Vortex systems have a notable effect on fuel consumption and costs, so replacement is a win-win for all.

To discover more about our exhaust options, please visit our exhaust page.