What Difference Would Engine Remapping Make to the Performance of My Car?

Engine Remapping CollisonMaking sure your vehicle caters specifically to your needs as a driver is one thing that simply wasn’t possible before, but with the latest advancements in car technology making modern makes and models more sophisticated than ever, personalising what goes on under the hood is much (much) easier.

As a leading Quantum Tuning dealer, we are no stranger to championing the differences that engine remapping makes to a vehicle’s overall performance, so we thought we’d share our engine remapping know-how with the world courtesy of a well-timed blog entry. Read on to discover more about exactly what engine remapping is, the benefits that can be unlocked and the Quantum Tuning options currently available.

What is engine remapping?

Modern day vehicles have come a long way since the days when we thought central locking and power steering were the ultimate perks, now the majority come fully equipped with an Engine Control Unit (ECU), a niffy piece of tech that controls exactly how your engine works. ECUs are effectively small computers and when being manufactured these units will be de-tuned to make way for default software before a vehicle is made available to a customer.

Engine remapping has become a buzzword for petrol heads everywhere in recent years, with a number of advantages just waiting to be harnessed by fine-tuning the default software of your ECU to something more personalised. The process itself takes no more than 30 minutes to one hour to complete, but unlocks benefits that could significantly enhance performance and driver experience.

The benefits

Enhanced performance is just one of the many benefits that go hand-in-hand with the engine remapping procedure. By overwriting your vehicle’s ECU default settings with brand new software, your car can be programmed to perform differently, and can even take into account whether you are a driver who uses less or more miles, commonly operates the vehicle on different road types or utilises a range of driving techniques, such as stop-start or miles without a break. Astonishingly remapping can even take into account the differing climates, fuel qualities or laws associated with the country you are using your vehicle in.

Through engine remapping you can ultimately control how your engine works ensuring enhanced performance and better use of speed and power. There are a number of Quantum Tuning options available, each of which allows your vehicle’s reactions to be completely rewritten for a truly bespoke outcome.

Things to consider

Whilst damage to the engine via remapping is extremely rare, it is vital that you call upon an experienced Quantum dealer to complete the process. Make sure that the software provided is covered by a lifetime warranty and please inform your insurer that your vehicle has been modified in this manner.