Preparing Your Car for Spring

Spring FlowersSpring is upon us, and with the improvement of weather you may think that your winter car preparation woes are behind you, but the warmer season brings a whole host of new challenges for you to deal with as a driver. Whether you use your vehicle every day to master that daily commute to your workplace or carpool to school, or take a more leisurely approach to driving, making sure your vehicle is prepared for spring is a must.

At Collison Motoring Services, we offer a variety of vehicle maintenance options for drivers in Waterlooville and the surrounding areas, and whilst we are here to help with car servicing, MOTs and repairs, we encourage all our customers to take simple maintenance and preparation into their own hands to ensure each journey goes as swimmingly as the last. Read on to discover the steps you can take this spring to ensure your vehicle is prepared, whatever the season has in store for you.

Don’t forget to switch your winter tyres

Many drivers opt for all weather tyres to keep their car safe all year round, however, an increasing number of people are choosing to fit winter tyres to cope with the extremes of the autumn and winter months. Making sure that you switch from winter to summer tyres once the spring weather sets in is vital.

Winter tyres aren’t suitable for driving in higher temperatures, and the soft tread that was useful during those winter months may not be so handy during spring and summer. The soft tread wears down quicker when it comes into contact with dry road surfaces whilst the softer sidewalls will also cause difficulties.

Realign those wheels to keep handling sharp

UK roads are famous for one thing in particular – potholes! Potholes are a nightmare for drivers and in the winter freezing conditions make potholes even more of a hazard. Contact with potholes during winter may have altered your wheel alignment leaving your vehicle pulling to one side when driving. Having your wheels realigned by a professional is a great way to ensure sharp and precise handling during spring and beyond.

Take care of your windscreen and its wipes

Spring brings lots more sunshine than previous months, which is plenty of reason to celebrate the start of the new season but the increased glare can be a safety hazard for drivers. Taking care of your windscreen is a must as daylight hours increase and the sun shines brighter. As well as having a pair of clean sunglasses to hand for use when driving, ensuring that your windscreen is free from dirt, debris, smears and smudges is vital to reducing the glare and dazzle that causes a number of accidents on our roads. Making sure your windscreen can be cleaned efficiently and effectively is another must so be sure to replace wiper blades that are damaged or worn.

It’s not just your fluid levels that need checking

Checking the levels of your oil, brake fluid, screenwash and coolant, and topping up when required is of course an integral part of keeping your car functional all year round. Keeping your oil and brake fluid at optimum levels is an essential part of minimising brake fade and engine wear. Your belts also need to be checked regularly not just with a visual inspection – wear is easy to spot – but if you start to hear a squeaking noise your belts or the attached pulleys may need to be replaced.

Your air conditioning system may not be as efficient as it was, particularly if it hasn’t been used at all during the winter months. Your air conditioning system and belt should be checked by a professional.