MOT Tests Resume on 01/08/2020 – Do I Need an MOT?

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent nationwide lockdown caused life as know it to ground to halt for a number of months. Now, with many rules eased and restrictions lifted, people are getting back to as close to normal life as they can as we continue to fight coronavirus.

MOTs resume 1st August 2020

During lockdown, many of the UK’s workforce were furloughed or had to work from home. Most businesses are now reopening their doors or stepping up operations, which means many workers are heading back to the workplace for the first time in months. With the government urging people to avoid the use of public transport and utilise alternative modes of transport to lower the risk of infection, our cars have become even more essential for completing that daily commute and getting Britain back to work. 

But after months sitting idle on the driveway, is your vehicle roadworthy enough to get you safely and efficiently from A to B? The MOT test is integral to ensuring your car is safe and roadworthy. Under government guidance, some vehicle owners with an MOT due were exempt from needing an MOT test as the nationwide lockdown prevented people from getting their cars to the garage. 

MOT tests resumed on 1st August 2020, but do you need an MOT test? Read on to discover how the latest government guidance and recent reintroduction of mandatory MOT testing affects you.

My MOT was due before 1st August 2020

The MOT test exemption period was announced by the government during lockdown to ensure everyone stayed at home and stayed safe during those crucial early stages of the pandemic. 

In accordance to government rules, those with an MOT test due between 30th March 2020 and 31st July 2020 would automatically be given an exemption. This effectively postponed the date that the MOT test was required by six months. 

If your MOT test was due before 1st August 2020, the six-month exemption still applies even as MOT tests resume at the beginning of August. Your vehicle must undergo an MOT test by its extended due date.

My MOT is due after 1st August 2020

If your MOT test is due after 1st August, you must visit a garage by your due date for an MOT. You are not eligible for a six-month extension and are therefore legally obliged to make sure your vehicle is safe, roadworthy and able to pass its MOT before your current MOT certificate expires. 

I’m worried my car isn’t roadworthy

If your MOT test was due before 1st August and you’ve automatically been given a six-month extension, but are worried that your vehicle isn’t roadworthy, you can still book in for an MOT. 

Road safety and the safety of you, your passengers and other drivers is of the utmost importance. A voluntary MOT test will ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and safe to drive, which is particularly vital if your vehicle has been unused for many months. If you go ahead with a voluntary MOT test however and your vehicle fails, you will lose your automatic exemption. Any remedial works must be completed to achieve a pass result before you can get back on the road.

Alternatively, if you have concerns about the roadworthiness of your vehicle and don’t want to risk losing your MOT exemption, you can book your vehicle in for our Keep Fit for Cars check. Costing just £25, your vehicle will undergo basic car checks, and even enjoy a little pamper and fuel top up to ensure it’s ready for action. Find out more about our Keep Fit for Cars service here.

Keeping on top of car maintenance at home, even if you’re not using your vehicle as much as usual, is the key to ensuring roadworthiness and safety. Read our guide to the basic weekly car checks anyone can do to keep the health of your car in tip top condition.

Voluntary or mandatory MOT? Book in with us!

Whether you require a voluntary or mandatory MOT test, your vehicle is in safe hands with us. As MOT testing specialists we provide comprehensive MOT tests for petrol and diesel vehicles, as well as offer free MOT retests.

You can book your MOT test in with us up to 30 days in advance. Alternatively, our team may also be able to assist with last minute availability. With our MOT reminder service, you’ll also never miss an MOT test again! Contact us today to book your MOT test. 

Not sure whether the six-month exemption applies to you? Check your MOT status for further information.