How to Repair Alloy Wheels

alloy wheel with detailKeeping your vehicle in tip top condition is one thing the vast majority of car owners aim to do. As well as taking care of what’s under the hood, looking after the exterior of your vehicle is a must, particularly if you want to ensure its value on the second-hand market. Your vehicle’s alloys play a vital role in how your car looks from the outside, which makes taking care of them important. Replacing alloys after all isn’t cheap! By caring for your alloy wheels effectively you can safeguard your investment, keep your car looking great and enjoy their many benefits. Alloys are more stylish, stronger, lighter in weight, and provide improved acceleration and braking to name just a few advantages.

In addition to providing MOT, servicing, repair and replacement, we are passionate about improving cars. Every vehicle deserves a little TLC, as a result, we provide a number of great services, including Terraclean engine decarbonisation, quantum tuning and engine remapping, Duxback windscreen treatment and valeting. Your alloys need the right care too, that’s why we’re sharing our top tips for looking after your alloy wheels like a professional.

Alloy wheels: know the warning signs

Whilst we recommend preventing damage, rather than waiting for issues to strike, knowing the signs that tell you there’s something wrong with your alloy wheels is crucial. If your tyres keep deflating, you’re getting increased vibration from your steering wheel, or feel vibrations in your seat, your alloy wheels may need adjusting or repairing. These signs could point to a plethora of problems, including buckled wheels, poor tyre valves, lining cracks or splits in the alloy itself.

If you notice any of these alloy damage related symptoms, seeking advice from a professional is advisable.

Keep your alloy wheels clean!

Unbeknown to most, keeping your alloy wheels just as clean as the rest of your car requires extra care and attention. Unfortunately, shiny alloy wheels don’t stay that way for very long. Whilst you’ll never be able to keep them pristine all the time due to the condition of UK roads, cleaning with the right products and techniques can provide some protection.

Use a specialist alloy wheel cleaning product to do the job right. This will give the metal the extra protection it needs as well as rid your alloys of stubborn stains. Most specialist products spray on for simple application and provide a great finish by removing baked-on dirt after just one use. Many products can cause skin irritation so make sure you wear rubber or latex gloves during application. Teaming specialist product use with pressure washing will help to clear more difficult to remove debris. Your pressure washer will also be able to get into all the places you can’t reach by hand.

You don’t have to go for a specialist clean every time you wash the rest of your vehicle. Frequent washing with mild soapy water will keep them clean. Just make sure you wash off any loose grit first. You should also avoid using abrasive cleaning products, buffers or wire wool pads for obvious reasons! Many car owners find that letting their wheels cool before cleaning provides even better results.

Alloy wheel refurbishment

Alloy wheel refurbishment is possible, and can solve lots of common and often unsightly problems. Corrosion, chips, cracks and kerb damage can all happen but you don’t have to replace to achieve a polished look once again. Welding is just one of the methods that can be used to fill in chips and replace metal on alloy wheels. Smart repairs are another technique that can be used to remedy small scratches, providing superficial fixes for purely cosmetic purposes.

For car owners looking for the ultimate alloy wheel makeover, full refurbishment may provide the answer as well as the perfect finish.

Hiring a professional to take on your alloy wheel refurbishment should be a top priority. Luckily you’re in the right place! We provide a number of alloy wheel refurbishment options, catering to all types of wheel rims and spokes, including those with a diamond cut finish. Contact us today to find out more about our refurbishment services. Alternatively, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page to obtain a free, no-obligation quotation.