How long does Duxback Windscreen Treatment last?

In this blog post, we take a closer look at how Duxback Windscreen Treatment works as well as answer the all-important question of ‘how long does it last?’.

Keeping your car clean and pristine is a goal of many drivers, and especially challenging in the depths of winter. With lifestyles more hectic than ever, car maintenance and cleaning is taking a back seat for an increasing number of vehicle owners. Here at Collison Motoring Services in Waterlooville, we provide a long list of easy and affordable motoring solutions so every driver can enjoy the many perks of a clean vehicle. 

A clean vehicle is after all more likely to have a longer life and a higher resale vehicle, with cleanliness keeping bodywork in tip-top condition and even ensuring the health and longevity of important internal components such as the engine. 

Clean cars are safer too, especially when using regular cleaning to ensure visibility through your vehicle’s windows and rearview mirrors, and maximise illumination courtesy of sparkling clean headlights. Fuel economy is also improved by vehicle cleanliness, as excess dirt and debris cause unnecessary drag that means your vehicle uses more fuel. The benefits of having a clean car go on, with studies showing that drivers with cleaner cars enjoy better mental and physical health.

With our help, keeping your vehicle spotlessly clean is simple. Alongside our valeting services and engine decontamination treatment, our Duxback Windscreen Treatment provides a great long term solution for time-poor drivers looking to ensure the cleanliness of their car. 

What is Duxback?

Duxback is a revolutionary glass treatment that can be used on the windscreens and windows of vehicles of all makes and models. The treatment has a hydrophobic effect that keeps dust, dirt, debris and other nasties that vehicles are exposed to every day off your windscreen and windows.

The hydrophobic nature of Duxback is so effective that selected manufacturers (including but not limited to Toyota, Lexus, Volvo and Porsche) are now applying Duxback treatment before vehicles roll off the production line and make their way to their new owners. It’s even used on aircraft to ensure maximum visibility at 38,000 feet.

What are the benefits of using Duxback Windscreen Treatment?

As well as making your vehicle easier to clean, with usually difficult to remove dust, dirt and debris simply wiping away or washing off, using Duxback has been proven to increase visibility by 35%, enhance reaction times by 25% and give drivers an extra 58 feet of reaction distance when driving at 40mph. In short, enlisting us to apply Duxback treatment to your windscreen and windows could save lives with a safer driving experience guaranteed for all. 

With a Duxback windscreen treatment you can enjoy better visibility all year round, with all seasonal weather including ice, snow and frost repelled by this amazing product. In the warmer months, you’ll enjoy great visibility and improved reaction times wherever your spring or summer adventure takes you. Whilst in winter, the difficult job of de-icing your vehicle on those chilly mornings is a breeze thanks to Duxback.

With Duxback, you can get from A to B safely, whatever the weather, and spend less time and money cleaning your vehicle to ensure better visibility and an enhanced appearance.

How is Duxback applied?

Our Duxback windscreen treatment is applied easily. In fact, it takes no time at all to achieve the desired, long lasting hydrophobic effect. Our trained technicians skilfully apply the treatment to your windows, with the process taking no longer than one hour to complete.

We have a variety of Duxback treatments available, including windscreen and front side options and full car treatments.

How long does Duxback last?

If your time is precious, we understand that you don’t want to spend every weekend cleaning your car or taking it for a professional valet. With Duxback, cleaning your vehicle is easier and you won’t need to do it as often to ensure great visibility and a spotless look. 

On your windscreen, Duxback maintains its repellent and weather resistant nature for up to six months, whilst those opting for full car or side window treatment can enjoy the same perks for up to a year.

Can I wash my car as normal?

Duxback’s hydrophobic effect remains unaffected by regular washing so feel free to keep up your regular car cleaning habits. You’ll still have the usual six-month lifespan on the windscreen and 12-month lifespan on side glass. 

If your vehicle is fitted with a rain sensor, Duxback will not affect its operation either. It’s also compatible with all types of wiper blades. Although we would recommend using smoother silicone wiper blades to boost the performance of Duxback.

How is Duxback reapplied?

If you’ve had Duxback applied before or your new vehicle was manufactured with Duxback, reapplying second and subsequent treatments to your vehicle couldn’t be easier. At Collison Motoring Services, Duxback reapplications can be carried out while you wait so you don’t have to wait too long to get back on the road in your safer, cleaner vehicle.

For further information about our Duxback windscreen treatment or to book an appointment for your vehicle, please contact us today.