Engine Remapping – Should I Remap My Car?

car engine remappingIt’s no secret that in comparison to the vehicles of yesteryear, modern day cars rate lower in performance and power. These two mechanical factors are somewhat limited in the search for greater safety, better fuel economy and lower emissions, but thanks to a little known process called engine remapping, car owners can have it all.

Known as engine control unit (ECU) remapping or car chipping, engine remapping ensures the software and algorithms that make the running of your vehicle possible can be optimised for better power and performance. In this introductory blog post, we explore what engine remapping is, the benefits of remapping your vehicle and whether ECU remapping is actually right for you…

What is engine remapping?

We are just one of the companies in the UK that specialises in engine remapping services. Engine remapping involves the alteration or replacement of a vehicle’s engine control unit software, a procedure that offers excellent performance and power improvements for many cars, vans and motorhomes.

In older makes and models, engine remapping is a difficult task due to the need for the physical replacement of circuit boards and chips within the engine control unit. However, thanks to the software features found in more up to date vehicles, engine remapping in the latest models can be completed with a simple software upgrade. In most instances, all we need is a laptop or handset to alter the software found via your vehicle’s diagnostic port leaving you to reap the rewards of engine remapping.

The benefits of ECU remapping

Fine-tuning and tailoring the default settings of your engine control unit is easier than ever courtesy of the latest advancements in vehicle software, but what benefits can you look forward to following engine remapping? The most notable improvement will be enhanced performance, and by rewriting essential elements you can transform your vehicle from standard to bespoke. Each vehicle that rolls off a manufacturer’s production line is after all built for everyone and is tuned to work in general conditions. Your vehicle’s standard settings will not take into account differing road types, climates or driving styles. With engine remapping your vehicle can be altered to take these differences into consideration, resulting in a better driving experience and enhanced performance in conditions that are relevant to you.

With engine remapping, you will also witness improvements in power and speed, and your engine will become more responsive as a result.

Is remapping right for me and my vehicle?

There are many reasons why engine remapping makes perfect sense for owners of cars, vans and motorhomes, and the benefits mentioned above can be experienced immediately after the short 30- to 60-minute process has been completed. Engine remapping customers have noted improvements in performance, power and speed, as well as an overall better and safer driving experience. Statistically engine remapping has resulted in improvements of up to 35% in horsepower and torque. You may also notice that the MPG that your vehicle is able to achieve is better, a factor that means you pay less at the pump and reduce your carbon footprint. Diesel vehicles in particular enjoy around 10% or more improved economy following remapping.

The difference that engine remapping will make to your vehicle depends on a number of factors, but thanks to our 30-day money back guarantee, you can try our unique Quantum Tuning or engine remapping service with confidence. To discover your vehicle’s potential following engine remapping, enter your vehicle registration into our remapping system. Our Quantum Tuning approved specialists based in Waterlooville in Hampshire are also on hand to provide expert advice over the phone, so click above to call Collison today.