What is Duxback Car Window Treatment and How Does It Work?

Collison DuckYou’ve heard of the saying “like water off a duck’s back” right? We may know what this famous expression means but many drivers are left perplexed when asked what the Duxback window treatment is. As a leading supplier of vehicle maintenance services, including car servicing, MOT tests and vehicle repairs, our team keep up to date with the latest innovations in car care so you don’t have to. Here we take a closer look at Duxback, how it works and the benefits that go hand-in-hand with the glass treatment that is revolutionising windscreen care.

What exactly is Duxback?

Duxback is a windscreen treatment that is being offered by a variety of car maintenance professionals across the country. The treatment is something of a revolution when it comes to windscreen care, and essentially keeps glass the way it should be – clean and pristine.

Keeping your windscreen streak-free and clear isn’t easy, and even the most attentive drivers don’t have the time to clean the windows of their cars daily. Debris, dirt, insects, streaks and smears on your windscreen are a part of life, but without the right care your windscreen can become a safety hazard, impairing your vision as a driver. There are many time consuming steps that can be taken to keeping your car windows clean and sparkling, many of which require plenty of elbow grease, but with Duxback keeping your windscreen clear and driving safe couldn’t be easier. Duxback uses the latest innovations in glass treatment to keep your windows clear from all types of vision reducing factors. With Duxback dirt, rain, frost, snow, sleet and even ice can’t stick meaning your windscreen, side glass and rear glass stays clean and clear for much longer.

How does Duxback work?

According to recent research, using Duxback on your windscreen, side windows and rear windows increases visibility by 35% in pouring rain, but how does this wonder treatment work? The Duxback treatment is simply applied to your window – treatments for your windscreen and front side windows or your full car are available – by trained technicians, a process that takes up to one hour to complete.

Using technology developed for the aviation industry – a similar treatment is used to keep cockpit glass clean and clear whatever the elements throw at it – Duxback has a hydrophobic effect on automotive glass and ultimately repels anything that tries to stick to it. The treatment improves safety in even the harshest conditions, ensuring improved visibility and reaction times for drivers. During winter, Duxback can also make the job of de-icing your vehicle much easier, and drivers will find the removal of ice a stress-free and simple affair.

How long does Duxback last?

When used on the windscreen of a vehicle, the repellent and weather resistant effect lasts for up to six months, whilst the effect lasts even longer (up to a year) when applied to the side windows of your car. Drivers can wash their car as usual, and no matter how many times you opt for a spring clean the lifespan of Duxback remains unaffected. Using Duxback also doesn’t affect the operation of any fitted rain sensors. Duxback is compatible with all windscreen wiper blades so no need to make any changes to your vehicle before treatment, however, research has found that using silicone wiper blades provides a quieter and smoother experience.

Duxback is proving to be so popular that many vehicle manufacturers are applying the treatment to their cars as they roll off the production line. Currently Toyota, Porsche, Volvo and Lexus provide the treatment on selected models.

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