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MOT Testing from Collison

Trust Collison with your MOT

Collison’s are a licensed Class 3 & Class 4 MOT testing station and can test both petrol and diesel vehicles. We don’t charge or put you to the hassle of ‘pre-tests’ instead fixing small items at the end of the MOT so that we can issue your pass without delaying you or charging for a separate MOT.

Save if you book online!

We usually charge the full government advised price for our MOTs as this pays for our testers’ time and experience so that we have no reason to find faults with your vehicle. However we are currently offering our Class 4 MOTs at £43.88 to customers who book online and therefore do our administration for us! Choose your exact MOT slot, fill in your details and save 20% on your MOT cost with Collison’s.

Save the date

So that you don’t miss your key vehicle dates, at Collison’s we remind you when your car or van is due it’s MOT, service or any work we have advised in an earlier booking. With your permission, we happily email, SMS, phone or write to you (or even do all of this if you think you are likely to need it) so that you are never likely to miss your vehicle’s most important dates.

Early Bird Convenience

For maximum convenience don’t leave it till the last minute. Your MOT can be done up to 30 days before it is due without losing any time on your certificate, so book early for to get the most convenient time for you.

Free Restests

So long as we do the repairs on site at our fully equipped centre in Cowplain, we will not charge for any retest.